I went to see Sophie Calle's show at the Louisiana (strange name for the Danish Museum of Modern Art, but if we have Versailles and Venice in the States, they can have Louisiana) and I was blown away. I first saw Take Care of Yourself at the Biennale, which was amazing. Calle asked over 107 women, from acrobats, singers to lawyers, to interpret the break-up letter her boyfriend emailed her. Her interactions with people become her art; poems, prose and photographs form an intimate social contract and collage.

She documents her trip with a Russian man on the Trans-Siberian railway in a way that makes you feel like you are sitting in the car with them. Sophie organizes The Sleepers, a project in which she invited 24 people to occupy her bed continuously for eight days. Some were friends, or friends of friends, and some were strangers to her. She served them food and photographed them every hour. She finds an address book on a street in Paris and calls everyone in its pages to form a picture of the owner.

The best complement you can pay to an exhibit, to art, is when it moves you, when it makes you want to create, to try, to experiment and play, and that she did.