Welcome to your life.

Wow, talk about writing, living, doing and being sabbatical. I've been chest-deep in work. And work can be rewarding, exciting and all-consuming. So here I am, with projects, ideas and guilt in tow. My list of things to do is calling me like call center workers on speed with lots to sell. I will commit myself to one or two projects, so you may find a lot of regurgitated, curated and daily catches here. Although I am thinking about writing a post series story;)

I stumbled upon Apple's first day on the job welcome note. Your life's work must extend beyond the cubicle walls, but then again, I suppose it depends on what you do. I'm back in the striking a balance saddle, which skews even this warm and fuzzy message. You got to give it to Apple, they're good at getting people to drink their juice. Sweet and sticky.

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